Philosophy of Hiring in the Black Church

  • Published on January 23

Have you heard of the Black church's philosophy of hiring? It's not something that everyone is familiar with, but it's a perspective that can offer a lot of value to job applicants. As an administrative professional, I believe that every job seeker should take the time to understand this hiring philosophy.

The Black church is a significant institution within the African American community, and its values often shape how its members approach various aspects of life, including work. One of the essential tenets of this hiring philosophy is the emphasis on community and mutual support. Unlike other hiring philosophies that focus on individual achievement and competition, the Black church prioritizes the idea that everyone succeeds when the community is strong and supportive.

This approach to hiring has several implications for job seekers. Firstly, it means that the Black church values teamwork and loyalty. When applying for a job, it's crucial to demonstrate that you are a team player who can work with others to achieve shared goals with loyalty. This may involve highlighting your experience working on group projects or showcasing your ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and superiors.

Another important aspect of the Black church's hiring philosophy is the emphasis on building relationships. In many cases, job seekers with a personal connection to someone within the organization may have a better chance of being hired than those without. Building relationships and establishing connections within the community is essential to succeed as a job applicant. This may involve attending networking events, volunteering with local organizations, or reaching out to people you know who work within the industry or organization you're interested in.

Finally, it's essential to understand that the Black church's hiring philosophy is rooted in a deep sense of social justice and a commitment to empowering marginalized communities. Job seekers who demonstrate a similar commitment to social justice and community empowerment may be particularly appealing to organizations that embrace this philosophy. This may involve highlighting your involvement in community service or social justice organizations or discussing your personal values and beliefs related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

In conclusion, the Black church's hiring philosophy is a valuable tool for job seekers, particularly those seeking opportunities within African American communities or organizations. By demonstrating a commitment to community, teamwork, relationship-building, and social justice, job seekers can position themselves as strong candidates who align with the values and beliefs of the Black church. This can lead to greater success in the job search process and a fulfilling career rooted in a sense of purpose and shared values.

It's worth noting that the Black church's hiring philosophy often emphasizes the importance of resilience and perseverance. Historically, the African American community has faced significant obstacles and systemic barriers to success, and the Black church has played a vital role in providing support and guidance to those who have struggled. As a result, many organizations that embrace this philosophy may value resilience and perseverance as important qualities in job applicants.

To demonstrate resilience and perseverance in the job search process, it's essential to remain persistent and focused on your goals. Seeking feedback and constructive criticism from those within the community can help you improve your skills and qualifications. Incorporating the values of community, collaboration, relationship-building, social justice, resilience, and perseverance into your job search strategy can increase your chances of finding a fulfilling career that aligns with your values and goals.